Survey Results: Top-of-Mind Issues and Challenges Facing Senior Manufacturing Executives

As senior leaders register for Executive Platforms’ events they are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that allows us to better understand their role within their organizations and what they want to take away from our gatherings. By and large this information is not published for a number of reasons, but a few months ago we used some of it in developing the questions and prompts for the first edition of our popular new Speaker Roundtable series, and we thought it might be valuable and interesting to take some of our preparatory notes and translate them into a short blog…

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The Digital Revolution and Frontline Workers: Putting the Big Picture in the Palm of Their Hands

Last week marked my thirteenth anniversary as an industry conference producer, and of all the conferences, summits, forums, and symposia I have worked on over the years, the largest single category must be manufacturing events. I love building events for people who build things. It helps that I worked a bunch of factory jobs to pay my way through school. I crushed rock into powder. I cooked steel until it was hard enough to cut other steel. I made brake parts for trains and gas tanks for cars. When people talk about safety training or shopfloor optimization or materials handling,…

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