A Focus on the Fundamentals During the Fastest Growth in the History of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

How fast is too fast when we are talking about the future of medicine? This is not a new question, but it is being asked at a time of unprecedented change and at the tipping point of a whole new generation of products starting to enter commercialization. Between Cell and Gene Therapy, mRNA vaccine technology, and the full width and breadth of other R&D efforts across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical space, the drug development pipeline has grown from 11 to 21 percent since the global pandemic with no sign of slowing down. All this is happening during a time of…

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Demonstrating the ROI of FSQ Digitization

One of the great challenges of Food Safety and Quality professionals is connecting what they do to the bottom line of the company, especially when they are advocating for new tools and capabilities. We have discussed this briefly before in an earlier blog post. While FSQ is vital to the success of every business that works with food, it is not a profit generator or a competitive advantage. There is also a natural and deep-seated conservatism in tinkering with what already works among the people responsible for safeguarding what we eat and drink. All this adds up to it being…

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