A Look into the Future: How Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Is Transforming to Bring Hope to Patients

  • Highlighting what industry will need to do differently to achieve an ambitious future where all patients can receive lifesaving medicines safely, swiftly, reliably, and affordably
  • Providing a glimpse of how the world will evolve as molecular complexity increases in the future for small molecules, blurring the boundaries between small and large molecules
  • Exploring the role that new technologies will play in achieving that transformation

Jennifer Baxter
VP, Small Molecule Science and Technology


Jennifer Baxter has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing activities. During her tenure at Merck, Jennifer has worked in research & development, technical support, and strategic planning of small molecules in roles across the human health, animal health, research and manufacturing divisions. Jennifer is currently the Vice President of Small Molecule Science and Technology, leading a group of approx. 800 scientists and engineers located worldwide. The group is responsible for the late-stage development of Merck’s small molecule pipeline across drug substance, drug product and packaging for both worldwide and regional products as well as all technical support for in-line small molecule products and lifecycle management activities. The group also manages manufacture and supply of late-stage clinical materials, technology development of new and innovative manufacturing technologies and provides site based technical support to all of Merck’s small molecule sites. Jennifer holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University.