supply chain sustainability


The Good Edition: Business Innovation Improving Lives and the Planet

Whether it’s a nudge or a shove, businesses everywhere have the capacity to push society forward. Organizations big and small are innovating and rethinking their practices, whether that’s in ethical sourcing or caring for the environment. Here are a few great examples of organizations implementing forward-thinking strategies, operations, and technologies.

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bluEPrint 1- VR Innovations, Sustainable Practices and Keeping up with eCommerce

In the age of information overload, we believe in getting to the bottom line. That’s why Executive Platforms is launching bluEPrint, a regular supply chain news bulletin to streamline your reading and deliver global insights straight to you. As a reader, you can expect regular up-to-date content that outlines: Inside look at how other companies are optimizing their supply chains Updates on emerging technologies and customer habits A framework of ideas and methods for you to build upon Whether you’re a regular executive at our annual North American Supply Chain Executive Summit series, or new to our community, we want…

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