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The New Era of Aerospace Starts with Innovative Technology

 Highlighting how the aerospace industry provides significant societal benefits and is integral to modern life; however, the industry is also responsible for 2.5% of the world’s carbon’s emissions Discussing the Future of Flight, our industry’s path to net zero with respect to innovation, partnerships, policy and why it will take “everything for zero” Exploring how renewable energy sources, energy carriers like sustainable aviation fuels, hydrogen and batteries, and new airplane technologies are intersecting to usher in a new era of aerospace — Chris Raymond Chief Sustainability Officer Boeing Chris Raymond is the chief sustainability officer and vice president of Global…

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The Good Edition: Business Innovation Improving Lives and the Planet

Whether it’s a nudge or a shove, businesses everywhere have the capacity to push society forward. Organizations big and small are innovating and rethinking their practices, whether that’s in ethical sourcing or caring for the environment. Here are a few great examples of organizations implementing forward-thinking strategies, operations, and technologies.

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