Survey Results: Top-of-Mind Issues and Challenges Facing Senior Manufacturing Executives

As senior leaders register for Executive Platforms’ events they are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that allows us to better understand their role within their organizations and what they want to take away from our gatherings. By and large this information is not published for a number of reasons, but a few months ago we used some of it in developing the questions and prompts for the first edition of our popular new Speaker Roundtable series, and we thought it might be valuable and interesting to take some of our preparatory notes and translate them into a short blog…

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A Focus on the Fundamentals During the Fastest Growth in the History of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

How fast is too fast when we are talking about the future of medicine? This is not a new question, but it is being asked at a time of unprecedented change and at the tipping point of a whole new generation of products starting to enter commercialization. Between Cell and Gene Therapy, mRNA vaccine technology, and the full width and breadth of other R&D efforts across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical space, the drug development pipeline has grown from 11 to 21 percent since the global pandemic with no sign of slowing down. All this is happening during a time of…

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The Four-Day Workweek as Another Addition to the New Normal of Work?

I want to start today’s article with a confession. I had never worked from home a day in my life until COVID-19, but now that I am in a hybrid model where I’m only in the office a couple of times a week I don’t want to ever go back to the way things were before. I am not alone. For almost two years now, survey after survey has said employees in white collar jobs discovered they liked WFH/WFA/Hybrid models a lot more than the Monday to Friday 9 to 5 of pre-pandemic times. We went through a phase we…

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