Time Management and Professional Development in the Age of Distraction

Attention spans are shrinking. That is not one of those anecdotal facts that you think is probably true. Researchers have documented the average attention span for focus on a single piece of stimulus in the year 2000 was 12 seconds, and by 2015 that had fallen to 8.25 seconds, and there is every expectation that the 2025 update on this ongoing study will see a further reduction in how long anyone will give something their full attention. Another study on how long the average person will devote their uninterrupted focus to a piece of content on a screen began in…

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Drew Dudley, the WSJ-Bestselling Author of This is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership that Matters

— Geoff Micks Head of Content & Research Executive Platforms Geoff joined the industry events business as a conference producer in 2010 after four years working in print media. He has researched, planned, organized, run, and contributed to more than a hundred events across North America and Europe for senior leaders, with special emphasis on the energy, mining, manufacturing, maintenance, supply chain, human resources, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, finance, and sustainability sectors. As part of his role as Head of Content & Research, Geoff hosts Executive Platforms’ bluEPrint Podcast series as well as a weekly blog focusing on issues relevant…

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