Interview Worth Your Time

We have mentioned before that 2023 is the year The bluEPrint podcast moved from an intermittent thing to a regular weekly piece of content, and we are excited to add our YouTube Channel as one more way to highlight some of the great conversations we are having both at our events and through virtual interviews in between summits. Just before last Christmas we put together, ‘Our Favorite Interviews of 2022’ to showcase some of the discussions we were most proud of in the run-up to this year’s expansion, and then in early April we did another collection, “Showcasing the Interviews…

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Our Favorite Interviews of 2022

It’s the end of another year and a fine time to begin a new tradition: Let’s look back at some of our favorite interviews that we have done in 2022, and maybe something will catch your eye that you did not see the first time around! A couple of things to say at the top? First, the episodes we want to feature in this article are chosen based on things about them I remember fondly and want to highlight when I think of the year gone by, not any particular hard and fast metrics. Second, because of some ambitious plans…

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