Training Effectively and Consistently Across an Organization: An Interview with Rob Stewart of OpusWorks

At North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit 2019 last month in Chicago we had a chance to speak with Rob Stewart, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of OpusWorks.

Training effectively and consistently across an organization is one of the major challenges facing every large company. OpusWorks leverages technology to combine tried, tested, and true teaching methods with something repeatable and scalable without being tied to one instructor or one geography.

In this interview, Rob talks about the challenges, the solutions, the processes, and the results of building these sorts of training programs.

Solve Problems. Get Results. Change Culture.

OpusWorks understands that you have to deliver enterprise-wide results. We can help you get there faster by scaling a problem-solving mindset.

Your workforce learns more quickly with OpusWorks blended learning. Interactive e-Modules – created by experts – are stickier, and prepare students for instructor-led application, in-person or virtual. Since you solve problems as a team, we believe in learning as a team, with in-class collaboration.

You can easily scale your operational excellence learning, reflecting your brand, culture and vernacular. Modularity supports easy creation of classes to fit different internal constituents. Bolster problem solving with leadership and project management, and track it all in one place. It’s all there, out of the box, with OpusWorks.

We look forward to talking with you.